Our manly man product! Our Lavender Beard Oil is perfect for softening and smoothing out unruly, coarse hairs while promoting fullness and creating a kissable, manly beard. A great gift for your man.

Beard Oil

  • Condition 2-3 times a week. On a clean face, use 2-3 drops into palm of hand and rub hands together. In a downward motion work oil into your beard.  


4223 Pine Creek Canyon Road

Pine, Arizona 85544​

Phone: (619) 772-6005

Email: pinelavenderfarm@gmail.com​


Hopefully (lol) we will be Open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 4 all fall. Masks Required.

Holiday weekends we are usually open Mondays also. Follow us Instagram or Facebook @Pinelavenderfarm for specific hours and days and special events or offerings! Thanks!

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