We use the same formula as before: All natural ingredients, with lavender's anti virus, fungus and bacteria properties without any alcohol or harsh chemicals in a convenient spray bottle. 

PLEASE NOTE* The FDA now requires that products calling themselves hand sanitizers must contain appropriate levels of alcohol, scientifically proven to kill the Covid19 virus. Our product DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY ALCOHOL so is NOT a reccommended hand sanitizer.

Limit of 6 per order. Thank you for making sure others will have supplies too. Try our Lavender Kitchen and All Purpose Cleaner too! Take Good Care Out There! from Pine Creek Lavender Farm...

Lavender Hand Spritz...formerly sanitizer!

  • Please Note* During Covid 19, we are unable to return or refund any products delivered to you. Please do feel free to email us with product questions prior to purchase. This product does not contain alcohol as required to be a sanitizer for Covid 19. Thank you!


We are open Friday & Saturday 10-4 and Sunday & Monday 10-2. We can't wait for you to join us on the farm. 

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