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Stephanie M, Librarian
This book was a joy to read. It is cultivated in the same manner the author speaks of on their lavender farm. The subspecies of lavender plants discussed, as well as the culinary uses for each, were interesting. The recipes for homeopathic uses, including body scrubs, face washes, and even bath bombs were simple and easy to follow. The images were incredibly detailed and lent a wholistic theme to the book. I had no idea there were so many varieties of lavender! I recommend this book for our collection.

Mik Y, Educator
Gorgeous! The Lavender Companion by Terry Barlin Vesci and Jessica Dunham is so well done! It is absolutely beautiful.
The book's format is so well laid out that I was reading page after page and saying to myself this book truly couldn't be better. There is everything one would want in this book including when you dry lavender that it should be kept away from light which will fade the color which many people don't know when they dry lavender. When I teach about lavender this is always the topic that gets the most surprise and interest with those saying that's why it didn't hold its color!
The Lavender Companion format could not be better. Its first grouping of lavender-made products is personal care such as body care and aromatherapy. Then pantry staples, savory uses, baking with lavender, and mixology. After those then planting, harvesting, and drying. Amongst all those treasures are crisp, beautiful exquisite photographs of lavender. When Terry and Jessicia are addressing certain lavender plants they are labeling them and describing them with useful
detail. So many books are vague or mediocre in my opinion but this book on lavender is a masterclass on what we are looking for. It's a complete primer on everything that we need to learn about lavender.
I've read so many books on lavender and this one is my favorite by far. Amongst the exquisite photography are useful recipes and instructions on how to use this most treasured plant. As you can tell I adore this book and I would love to thank Net Galley and the fantastic publisher Storey Publishing for the opportunity to read and review The Lavender Companion by Terry Barlin Vesci and Jessica Dunham.

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