From a farm you can actually visit, we make our Certified Naturally Grown Lavender Products and Bob's Red Mill Sponsored Lavender Cooking School and Test kitchen

English and French Lavender inspired goodies with LOVENDER. Lavender+Love!
Featured on Good Morning Arizona, AZ Family, Arizona Highways Magazine, Travel and Leisure Magazine, PHOENIX Magazine, and in an Arizona Office of Tourism Emmy winning movie about our Lavender Culinary Success called, "Meet The Makers" we bring the farm crafted tastes and aromas of lavender into everyday homes and kitchens.

We call it LOVENDER, you will call our products Amazing!

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Featured Products
* our farm crafted products are made with pure essential oil-no artificial fragrances here!


Pure Lavender Essential Oil Soaps. Lavender And Charcoal; Lavender Hemp Lemongrass and Lavender Oatmeal. Our Lavender products will turn your bath into a Soothing Spa Experience! $12.95



New! Our beautiful Canvas Tote shoulder bag is perfect to fill full of our Farm Fresh cut lavender: Plan a visit

July 10th for our famous Lavender Harvest Day and grab a big bundle at a great value as they come fresh off the fields! $49.95 for the bag

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Life's Little Luxuries call for starting your day the right way with our Delicioso

Lavender Cappuccino!

Sweet and Bold


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We grow three distinct varieties of lavender on the farm: Royal Velvet, Provence, and Grosso. Both Royal Velvet and Provence are considered culinary lavenders, and are world renowned for their flavor and herbal qualities. Provence is generally used in savory dishes like chicken, pasta sauces, and anything in which you might use rosemary. Royal Velvet has a sweeter profile and is mostly used in confectioneries and baking. Grosso is not for cooking, but is, perhaps, the most aromatic lavender in the world, making it the perfect lavender for making essential oils, sachets, and bouquets. 

What's New

Terry's Lavender Cooking and Baking Classes 
Will Covid ever end?
Sadly, we are postponing many cooking and baking classes until safe to gather in our small, historic kitchen for the classes.
In the meantime, we are planning an outdoor space for other classes.... it's gonna be GREAT! Stay Tuned.



I will post 2022 classes to our web subscribers and social media followers as soon as we can! 

Sponsored by Bob's Red Mill using their amazing line of baking products and VitaMix ---the secret to many of our fine products!

Everything you need to know about cooking and baking with Lavender! Hands on classes include how to make yummy LAVENDER lemon cakes, our most requested Lavender Cinnamon Rolls or Lavender Honey Sticky Chicken and more.

Join our popular Lavender SPA DAY class for our secrets to making great lavender spa products like bath bombs and soaks and relaxing massage oils.

We will announce when the school reopens. In the meantime if you would like FREE lavender recipes, subscribe to the website (below) for a monthly treat to make!

About The Farm

Built in the early 1900s by the first homesteaders in Pine, our farm has been given new life, renovated and turned into a lovely lavender farm. The high-altitude climate, alkaline soil, and fresh mountain spring water that nourishes our plants births the highest quality lavender. Surrounded by pine-covered mountains and numerous elk herds, the setting is as serene as it is breath-taking. 

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