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OUr Lavender Essential OIl is distilled from pure varietal Grosso Lavender, considered by many as the gold standard for lavender essential oil. The University of Maryland Medical Center recently published, in their online medical journal, a study about the efficacy of using lavender essential oil. Among other findings their medical research announced that high quality lavender essential oil had a profound effect on hair growth and condition; healing burns and many insect bites and skin conditions, in a regime for relaxation and sleep therapy; and more.

But---we already knew that lavender essential oil is the number one most purchased essential oil worldwide for a reason!!! Buy it and use it topically, in your diffuser, as a laundry and dryer additive, in your car and home, in a candle and essential oil warmer, and everywhere you need a little clean calm in your life!

Lavender Essential Oil 1 oz French Grosso

  • Orders generally ship within 3-4 business days.

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