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Five Ways to Manage Everyday Stress Using Lavender

Lavender is known by many for its stress relieving properties. It's one of the most common known facts about Lavender, however most people do not know how to incorporate Lavender in their everyday use, or how to put the amazing healing properties to use. Lavender is fairly unique within the herbal/holistic health field in that its health claims have been rigorously tested and verified by numerous leading medical organizations. It's being used by top hospitals and doctors to help patients alleviate stress and depression along with a whole host of other ailments.

Stress is often the hidden root of health issues and many diseases. It affects each and everyone of us on a daily basis, eventually taking a major toll on one's overall well being and health if not managed. In order to take advantage of Lavender's unique and beneficial properties, one needs the basic knowledge of how to use it. Here is five easy ways to reap the wonderful benefits it has on stress relief.

1. Hydrosol, or floral water, is the by-product of water distilling the essential oil. It's perfect to use as a body mist as it has a subtle, sweet, almost honey-like aroma. We like to spray it on the face and chest which delivers an instant wave of calm to help destress. Our lavender mist is one of our best sellers, and you can find it on the shop page.

2. Put a couple drops of pure Lavender Essential Oil on linens, bed sheets, closet or furniture in the home, at the office, or even in the car for a calming scent that will consistently remind you to take a deep breath and relax. Try putting a drop behind your ears and on your temples to feel the oil work its magic. (It is best to dilute oils with water or carrier oil, depending on intended use) You can find our pure essential oil with no added chemicals or ingredients in both our online store and at the farm stand!

3. Sachets are a great way to not only keep your clothing and closets smelling fresh and sweet, but they are also an easy way to take lavender with you on the go. Keep one at the office or work place when you need to destress. Sachets can keep their scent for years and years!

4. Essential oil diffusers are a simple way to fill the home with relaxing aromas to calm down before bed, or add a couple drops of pure lemongrass (or any preferred citrus) to give you a refreshing wake up to start the day, while still getting that calming effect from the lavender.

5. Use a dried bundle of lavender flowers (you can get these fresh from our farm!) to beautify and decorate a room or work space. All you have to do is pinch a couple buds with your fingers to release the oils from the plant and awaken its healing powers.

When using each of these methods, it's critical to be mindful and aware as you breathe in the lavender. Take a moment to slow down and take a few deep breaths. Allow the aroma to soak in.

To learn more about Lavender's medical benefits, open the link below:

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